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Eco Family Vacations

West End Ecology Tours is a tourism organization dedicated to promoting marine conservation and conch research education within the community and to tourists. We partner with resorts and fishing lodges that cater to boaters, sailors and fishermen and share a deep commitment to sustainable tourism development.

The focus of this project is wildlife and marine conservation as well as land and sea excursions to experience hand feeding stingrays at a deserted cay, native fishing, snorkel reefs, monitoring conch and birding populations, so that families can enjoy and understand the eco-system within the Little Bahama Bank, mangroves and along the mini-sea parks situated along four coastal zones. In addition, the project works on community development projects and education projects in the community so locals can understand the need to protect the biodiversity in the area.

Eco Vacations Package

Family Work and Contribution

You will be completely involved in the ecology and conservation work throughout your stay.

While working with local staff, guides, lecturers and ecology professionals who will share their knowledge of the marine environment and engage you about their areas of specialty.

You will learn about the behaviors of marine species including stingrays, bonefish, as well as conch and reef fish which is a primary source of sustenance for the community.

On occasion there may be an opportunity to engage spotted dolphins, sea turtles or dive up your very own conch.

You can learn about the work of the Bahamas National Trust Marine Protected Area initiatives and endemic and migratory bird species.

You will be provided educational materials of the marine and bird life to aid in the identification of various marine and wildlife species.

Time at Sea and on Land

  • Hand feeding stingrays (dependent on weather and not guaranteed)
  • Monitoring of mangroves for marine life bird populations
  • Tourism education and helping the community within zones affected by pollution
  • Walking tours of plant and bird life (binoculars not included)
  • Learn about medicinal plants or bush teas
  • Snorkel reefs and identify various corals and marine life
  • Some research observation on bonefish or shore birds (seasonal)
  • Leisure time to explore and visit local elementary school

A typical day: You may find yourself engaging conversation with local fishermen, business owners, teachers, clergy and local youth about their community. In the afternoon, you could be cleaning the boat, planting trees, removing debris or working with local children to clean up the beach.

You will work every day, weather permitting, for about 5-8 hours per day. During inclement weather, there will be organized excursions, educational lectures or field trips into the Bahamian “bush”, or simply free time to explore the area.

*Please note that family activities can change at any time due to the needs of the project.

Travel Highlights

West End is one of the oldest settlements and “capital” of Grand Bahama. Located on the western tip of the island it is a community in transition. The community is primarily a fishing village and one can find mounds of conch shells discarded and left along the shoreline.

Rich with bird life and marked with mangroves and native vegetation embraces the settlement. There are three deserted cays offshore within 8 miles of the island and are offer diverse eco-systems.

On the west side of the cays are a variety of birds, coral reefs and fishing grounds. On the other side are the shallow seas that meander eastward to a rich mangrove system and estuary. There is so much more to discover and explore on the southern shoreline often filled with a variety of bird life.

You can enjoy the peace and seclusion offered by the beaches of Sandy Cay, Wood Cay and south coast or take in the busy beaches of Lucaya resort hotels and lively nightlife.

Nature lovers shouldn’t miss a trip to the pristine Lucayan National Park featuring a bat cave, kayak the lagoons and underwater cavern system that exits in the Atlantic Ocean.

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